Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy for Effective Weight Loss

Caroline Hamblin runs successful weight loss programmes designed around your particular needs. A full and confidential chat can help you decide whether you have simply, over time, adopted bad eating habits or whether you are eating to ‘self soothe’ often the root of this having nothing actually to do with food. If you opt for a few sessions to help resolve underlying issues driving the ‘over eating’ , it’s likely you will find yourself both losing weight and feeling  more in control, when we may not have discussed food or eating in a single session.

In recent years, there has been plenty of media interest in a revolutionary way of helping people by fitting a virtual Gastric Band. Perhaps this is something for you to consider? Most people have heard of a type of  actual surgery used for those with a Body Mass Index of 30 or over: Gastric Band Surgery designed to change the way you eat permanently. Hypnotherapy sessions however can  simply and effectively utilise the power of suggestion under hypnosis without the need to resort to surgery.  As a  result you will eat smaller portions and feel full offering an immediate control of your weight problem. It can, just as with surgery, facilitate a fast and dramatic weight loss.

Usually alongside this type of hypnotherapy, you would also receive psychotherapy; the aim being for you to feel in control of the whole process and maintain your weight loss in the long run.

And if a virtual Gastric Band doesn’t appeal to you, or you feel you only have a few pounds to lose, sessions can be tailor made using either hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or a mix of the two.



Would You Like to be More in Control of Your Eating?

In addition to running weight loss programmes, Caroline also treats clients with completely different issues around food such as specific food phobias, Emetophobia ( a fear of being sick) as well as eating disorders presenting in the form of Anorexia or Bulimia or as is quite commonly experienced, a mixture of the two. Why not come along for a confidential free chat to learn how you can be helped toward making a full recovery.


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Here is what one happy client had to say about it:

“Having spent many years battling with my weight, I decided to try the Hypno-Band system as advertised by Caroline Hamblin. Best decision I have ever made,  it’s like a switch has been flicked in my head! Have lost almost three stones and still completely focussed. I find eating smaller portions has simply become a way of life. I eat what I like, just less of it. I find doing this much easier that I would ever have thought possible and I never feel hungry.”

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