How To Stop Social Phobia & Social Anxiety & be Free

Do you feel as if somehow you are ‘different’ or perhaps find interaction with others difficult?

If doesn’t have to be weight, it can be looks, height, ability: Virtually anything that makes you feel like you want to hide and the world to swallow you up.

“I find it hard to fit into social gatherings”

Even the most sorted among us suffers a little from social phobia or as it’s sometimes referred to, social anxiety. It’s basically an unconscious fear of being judged within us all. Yes even in your super cool friend or loved one!

It’s all part of growing up within a society, and starts with your immediate family or carers reinforcing your need to be accepted in to the group.

However for some people this type of anxiety can begin to really take over their lives. Here are a few examples of how that may ‘play out’ for you:

  • A dread of parties or other social meetings
  • Blushing and feeling ‘on the spot’
  • A dislike or fear of doing a presentation at work
  • Exam or test nerves
  • A panicky feeling in new situations
  • A dislike of eating in front of people
  • Finding criticism hard to take
  • A feeling or need to be ‘perfect’ ( eg. right outfit for right occasion )
  • performance or stage fright
  • interview nerves

Flexible psychotherapy sessions are designed for ANYONE, of any age, looking  to improve or change their life and are particularly useful treatment for the following:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Social Anxiety
  • PVF syndrome  and ME
  • Stress
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Overcoming depression
  • Relationship issues

A unique approach to ultimately manage your own thinking.  Sessions are flexible in number from a single session to a tailor made course. Clients often report feeling more in control from session 1

– Fantastic for older children, teenagers and people who prefer simply to talk rather than be in hypnosis.

Feeling confused?   Wondering which therapy is right for you?

Don’t worry. After listening to your story, your situation and your expectations –taking everything into account, Caroline will offer you the one most suited to your needs.

Caroline Hamblin ( Social Anxiety )

I can’t thank Caroline enough she is simply brilliant and I would encourage everyone to at least meet her as you wont regret it. Thank you

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