A quick word about control

We all strive to have a degree of control over our lives. When things go wrong we often complain things are outside our control. But do we need to always be in control? Can you have too much of a good thing? The short answer is yes. The modern world is changing rapidly and we… Continue reading>

Practical tips for dealing with depression

The exact cause of depression for any individual can seem complex and unique. However advances in neuroscience and in particular neuroplasticity have turned traditional psychiatry on its head. For example, a common belief used to be depression is caused by a chemical inbalance, as if there’s nothing to be done. Often we hear somebody described… Continue reading>

Getting to know yourself in isolation

How is lockdown going so far for you? A few weeks in and I guess we are all making significant changes to our daily lives and routines. Hopefully, you are being kind to yourself because change isn’t always that easy. The Amygdala part of our brains interprets change as a threat and as a result,… Continue reading>

Building resilience in lockdown

Here we are in lockdown and facing an indefinite and unpredictable period of time ahead. The clinics I usually run are now closed. One of them within the NHS will instead be preparing beds for future Coronavirus patients. So, how do we best approach our uncertain future and be our most resilient self? Resilient people… Continue reading>