Caroline Hamblin MIAEBP (adv.acc.) provides  flexible Stress Management sessions to teaching staff who may be looking for:


  • support in managing workloads or help with establishing a healthy work/life balance and sense of control
  • advice on the psychological impact of any current climate issues on  children or adults within your school such as bullying, self harming, Generalised Anxiety Disorders or depression.
  • help with understanding any ‘difficult’ behaviour
  • help in understanding self awareness and self management: Sessions will consist of training in how to develop this and avoid projection in the classroom  
  • help in understanding how to adapt to the differences in how information is processed by the child aged 4-11 and effect positive communication
  • help with regard to a  child already identified with  personal differences such as Aspergers/ADHD
  • support on a personal level providing confidential therapy tailored to their needs from a single session onwards
  • motivational coaching sessions for either professional or personal gain such as smoking cessation, weight management, healthy eating
  • help in coping with ongoing pain issues or any other chronic illness such as CFS, Fibromyalgia  or ME
  • help to analyse, pinpoint and where possible, resolve problem areas within the working environment. Or help with resolving conflict.
  • to gain a better understanding of any other psychological/practical training programme already in place via other means, often enhanced with bite sized one- off sessions
  • relaxation sessions and learning how to use self hypnosis
  • Grief Counselling or Trauma Debriefing


Stress Management within Educational Institutes