Building resilience in lockdown

Here we are in lockdown and facing an indefinite and unpredictable period of time ahead. The clinics I usually run are now closed. One of them within the NHS will instead be preparing beds for future Coronavirus patients.

So, how do we best approach our uncertain future and be our most resilient self?

Resilient people adapt more quickly, responding with less stress when challenged with events outside their control.

Social media is awash with advice on managing our mental health. How can we take a few simple ideas and create a measurable and achievable plan that gives us each a personal sense of control over our lives?

Firstly, at a time like this it is perfectly normal to feel anxious and have negative thoughts. I always tell clients that ‘positive thinking’ is not actually as simple as the phrase (or influencers through social media) might suggest! It’s far more productive to start working on the belief that you can, through your own actions, generate a positive outcome.

TIP: Write a list of measurable and achievable goals for the day

So start small, start with anything! For example, writing a list or making a plan for managing the day and all it encompasses is a great idea. But keep it short. Be realistic. Remember measurable and achievable is the aim.

Make sure you notice even the smallest achievements. Resilient people with lower anxiety levels tend to focus exclusively on what they believe they can control. They let go of what they can’t.