About Caroline Hamblin

Caroline Hamblin trained as a professional hypnotherapist in 2003. She is an experienced hypnotherapist and psychotherapist treating both children and adults with wide ranging generalised anxiety disorders as well as more specific ones such as eating disorders, panic attacks, stress, phobias and depression.
She regularly receives referrals through the NHS as well as other therapists countrywide. Caroline has become well known in the area and is now available at clinics in Grantham, Syston and London.

Caroline provides professional, ethical, evidence based psychotherapy

As a member of the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy, continuous professional development ensures awareness of up to date research in fields such as personality disorders, anxiety and stress, symptoms and conditions, the effect of placebo, indicators of psychosis and the processing of ordinary memory versus traumatic memory and its effect upon the psyche (and impact upon therapy). Clients needs and limitations are cautiously observed. Paramount is their overall care and suitability for therapy.

In addition to her interest in psychotherapy and the therapeutic application of hypnosis, she has a keen interest in the use of hypnosis for business and sports performance.

Training & Experience

Caroline is committed to Continuous Professional Development, regularly attending lectures to further knowledge of the very latest research findings into ethical, evidence based therapy, training and coaching methods. Caroline has vast experience in:

  • Eating disorders¬†
  • Recognising and working with clients with personality disorders
  • Helping survivors of sexual abuse
  • Treating children and teenagers, including group work in an educational setting
  • Pain management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Sport psychology
  • Corporate
  • Working with acute and generalised anxiety disorders

Training via I.A.P.H. and the I.A.E.B.P.